My passion for computer started with long time ago. And it did not start with a game or with first computer. It started with class of radio-electronics in 2000. I learned simple algorithms and algorithms becoming more complex.

In 2002 I enrolled in class of computers. I paid half of my allowance every month. In parallel, my colleagues were enrolled in classes of English and French. I wanted informatics, it was much closer to radio-electronics.

In 2007 I enrolled to high school to class of mathematics and computer science . I hated mathematics, or at least I think so. To the computer i was really good. When it came time of the test, I gave the test of computers from The computers history that was rated with six points and an algorithm that was rated with three points, one point by default. From very well-founded reasons, my score was four points. For all the tests in the next four years, my score was ten points each time. ;)

In 2011, I just graduated high school and I enrolled to Faculty of Science, to courses of computer science.

Today, IT is my life.


Efficiently revolutionize one-to-one potentialities before B2B models. Continually leverage other's resource-leveling niche markets whereas focused processes. Distinctively transition high standards in total linkage.


Holisticly pursue pandemic services before distributed experiences. Collaboratively envisioneer just in time niches before ubiquitous e-services. Appropriately enable scalable e-business with leveraged opportunities.


Authoritatively transition global web services vis-a-vis user-centric content. Rapidiously innovate principle-centered resources via intuitive models. Monotonectally integrate collaborative core competencies before best-of-breed potentialities.


Holisticly restore resource-leveling methodologies rather than distinctive e-services. Seamlessly whiteboard unique quality vectors via functionalized catalysts for change. Enthusiastically embrace proactive outsourcing through.


Web Design


  • 2018
  • A major change

    January 2018 - Now

    Now I'm re-profiled, I'm a Java programmer. Ausy Technologies Romania can offer all the challenges I need. Numerous and unprecedented projects will keep me connected for a long time.

    Ausy Technologies Romania
  • 2017
  • Back to LBUS

    Octomber 2017 - December 2017

    I came back as a programmer analyst. This time I was convinced that I can do more and this job is below my level. I did the same activities until 2016. Nothing more interesting or more advanced. It was no longer my place.

    Lucian Blaga university of Sibiu
  • More Jobs (=12h)

    April 2017 - Octomber 2017

    Two part time jobs and a full time job. It's 12 hours full, 5 days a week. Much, but I can handle it.

    2 h
    Lavi Protect
    + 2 h
    Faculty of Law
    + 8 h
  • Back to programming

    January 2017 - Octomber 2017

    From now on, my direction is established. I'll be a good programmer. I'll teach everything I can and how well I can. Nothing will stop me!

  • 2016
  • Something else

    July 2016 - December 2016

    I became a technician in security and alarm systems. A nice job, but that didn't fit with my dreams. I managed to raise the firm being the only employee and having superior skills. But I want more!

    Lavi Protect
  • Part-time job (2h)

    March 2016 - Octomber 2017

    In 2016 I became a technician at Faculty of Law. I managed to resuscitate the entire computer system and to give a good direction to things. I was able to leave my mark and leave a good inheritance.

    Faculty of Law
  • 2015
  • Another level

    March 2015

    In 2015 I became known at the university level and I was involved in all the major projects and events. This year I began to fancy the idea of having my own place. A place where I can develop my ideas, bring other visionary students together. The job started to seem to keep me out of my development. From here on I want more!

  • 2014
  • Freelancer

    May 2014

    Gaining experience in web programming, graphic design, publishing design and gaining confidence in my knowledge and my own strengths, I began to make small projects up to real challenges. I started to become a known programmer and perfect my technique.

  • Informatician - Web Programmer

    February 2014 - July 2016

    I succeeded in taking an IT position with web programming attributions. I do not have much theoretical knowledge and practical experience was low, but I had the ambition and the chance to learn. In a few months I succeeded in assimilating everything my predecessors had done before and began developing the University's web platform.

    Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
  • 2013
  • First Job - Altex Romania

    August 2013 - November 2013

    My first job as a sales assistant on the computer raion. At Altex Romania I found the best team. I quickly integrated and managed to perform during my 3 month contract. Here I developed my teamwork skills and direct interaction with people.

    Altex Romania
  • Internship Program at Faculty of Law

    July 2013 - August 2013

    I started my collaboration with the Law School as a student in practice, and then I became a support technician on the technical IT side.

    Law Faculty
  • 2011
  • Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
    Faculty of Sciences

    October 2011 - July 2014

    In 2011 I started university studies in computer science. Along with wonderful classmates and guided by the greatest teachers, I have consolidated my solid foundation to become a good programmer.

    Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
  • My way

    October 2011

    I left my hometown (Drăgăneşti-Olt) and got my wings. The chosen road was not easy, but for the first time it was the road I chose. All the decisions were going to take me where I am today.




          For help and advice you can contact me anytime and I will give you a quick answer :)

          Sibiu, Romania

          Mobile: (+40) 748 - 851 - 681

          Email: emil@alexe.xyz